Adwa Victory

Adwa’s lady – Engayehu Shibabaw

Some works of art are created only once in the lifetime of the owner. Some works of art work in such a way that they cannot be reached and replaced by the entire generation. Her work called “Adwa” is both for the poetry lover, the music composer, and the singer. Neither she nor her generation will do it again. It is a work that no one can reach; unrepeatable. Such once-in-a-lifetime works come from sitting as “let me write a poem”.

Ayeadwa Lady – Engayehu Shibabawu

Some works of art are created only once in the lifetime of the owner. Some works of art will not be reached by generations in the whole time. Adwa rose up yesterday and thanks to those who fell, to the heroes of Adwa for today’s freedom, the Black Victory Plateau… Adwa, Africa, my mother, Ethiopia speaker (3) Teller of your story of victory. Black victory for those who got freedom today plateau… Adwaafrika Mamye Ethiopia speaker (3) The speaker of your victory story….

When we look closely at Adwan’s war and victory, the dew of tears and the melody of laughter will whistle to us in parallel. On the one hand, the blood-soaked sacrifice of long years ago, on the other hand, tested by the fire of the rock, when the news of victory that surprised and shook the world comes out as gold, they happen to us in twin ways.

It is not for nothing that the mother of Adwa Song, whose name is Nenginawa, is known like this.

With pride, honor, joy, love,

I live in victory day by day.

And he made us suffer all that.

This mixed feeling, abstract memory is the two-dimensional memory of all, song and lament. Even on the day of the battle, after that wonderful victory, there was a moving emotion on the faces and hearts of Emperor Menelik, Ras Mekonen and other heroes.

The death of heroes like Fitaurari Gebeheu Abagorau who fell after that amazing victory was a pain for their comrades. It was not easy to pay someone, give something precious and receive another precious thing!!

Our heroes snatched the sharpened knife from us and broke the yoke from our shoulders with their own blood so that the arrogant of the world would not sneer at us. Those who gave us the news of victory, who fought the battle and crowned our history, fought with the enemy and paid blood and sweat.

And today, when we think of them, they are our ornaments that will not grow old and will not fade in the pages of our history. So we are always proud of them.

Rofnan, who flavored the culture with electronic music
“I found my Ethiopianness in music” Aviva Dese
Network – a new music shopping option
So, the struggle for freedom that makes this head stand up, must have been a seed that fell on the ground. On the contrary, the hearts of our people have grown and grown, they have blossomed and blossomed. They sang with melody, sat with wisdom, and flowed like a stream in our hearts with beautiful colors.

It is a question of the moment and a major issue of my article to explore a little of the work of the poets Tsagaye Gebremedeh and Engayehu Shibabaw, who we admire with the wings of wide imagination, and other young people from Yanyan who commemorated our fathers.

Of course, from the point of view of history, we don’t have a magnificent and intangible monument with such a huge and impressive history and footprint as Adwan’s victory. Adwa is the world’s greatest battle, which has gained international glory, and which has become a part of historical documents.

Therefore, much has been written about him in every country. A lot has been sung. When it comes to us, it is sung by the wise men of the year, and sometimes by chance.

I think this is a tribute to Adwa’s universality in his book “Judgment and Slaughter” by the young man Abere Ayalew, who won the first round of the poetry category of the Young People’s Spelling Literature Award.

Adwa is not a settlement – Adwa is not a village
It’s a country, it’s a continent, it’s a world.
Menelik with a spear – fell from the cannon
They ended up running with swords
They shed their blood for the freedom they longed for
It’s not just for the neighborhood – don’t knock the victory of Yahgur. He says.

This is an indication of the severity. Adwa is indeed far away, too far-fetched for the imagination. They don’t finish saying it. They don’t pour it and put it in the barn. It is multi-branched like warka, unmanifested by countless words, beyond the mind.

It is considered a myth to say that a peasant army of a poor country, which received modern training, won against the army of a European country.

So the black people’s torch of freedom, victory demonstration film, an unexpected miracle will work!

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