Entry and Retention Law: The Fact That Does Not Change

You keep something in your hand only the way you put it in your hand!

There are many laws and principles that govern success in life, whether in business, relationships, or personal growth. While they are important to understand, the true key lies in consistent application. This blog post explores the law of entry and retention, which states that you keep something only in the same manner in which you acquire it.

The Law of Entry and Retention

This law states a simple but profound truth: You gain and keep knowledge, skills, wealth, or relationships only in the same way you obtained them initially. If you acquire something quickly and superficially, you will lose it just as fast. But if you earn or learn something the hard way, through dedicated effort and deep understanding, you are far more likely to retain it for the long term.

For example, if you try to memorize facts without understanding their meaning or context, you will easily forget them. But if you deeply comprehend new concepts, commit to understanding how they interrelate, and practice applying them, you are much more likely remember and build upon that knowledge.

This law particularly applies to intangible things like capabilities, relationships, mentality, and habits. In each case, the effort you put into acquiring or developing them determines how firmly they become rooted in your being. The more deeply something is imprinted, the more secure your grasp of it.

Skill Development as An Example

Skill development provides a clear example of this law in action. Someone who “practices makes perfect” and commits to mastering a skill through repetition and refinement acquires it in a deeply ingrained manner. Their skills stays with them, while someone who tries to develop a surface-level capability quickly tends to lose it easily.

The same principle applies to positive habits and thought patterns. The more frequently and consistently we perform an action or think a thought, the more ingrained it becomes in our subconscious and the easier it is to activate. This applies to negative patterns as well, making consistent transformation difficult without breaking old habits.

The Importance of Application

While stating this law of entry and retention is simple, consistent application poses the real challenge. Few things are permanently retained based on a single act of acquisition – instead, frequent repetition and refinement are required.

So while understanding this law is valuable, true success comes down to putting it into practice each day. What are you gaining now – knowledge, skills, relationships – that require consistent application? What old habits need to be replaced through frequent activation of new, improved patterns? Focus your energy on consistent action and application, and over time you will see lasting results and retention that adheres to this law.

In summary, you gain and keep something in direct proportion to the quality and consistency of your effort. While many laws and principles exist, application trumps knowledge every time. So focus less on memorizing facts and more on putting this law of entry and retention into consistent practice in your everyday life. Over time, your true grasp and mastery will emerge – but only if you put things into your hands the right way from the very beginning. The manner of acquisition ultimately determines the quality of retention.

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