Actions Speak Louder: Embracing God’s Will and the Power of Deeds.

In Matthew 21, Jesus presents a parable involving two sons. The first son initially refuses to obey his father but later changes his mind and carries out his father’s request. Conversely, the second son promptly agrees to his father’s command but fails to take any action. The Gospel passage emphasizes that it was the first son who ultimately fulfilled his father’s will.

What does this parable signify?

The underlying message is that, similar to any wise and discerning being, God places greater importance on our actions rather than mere words or intentions. God values those who demonstrate their commitment through deeds, even if they initially hesitate or appear reluctant.

Consider this scenario: Who would you prefer as an employee? The one who enthusiastically says, “I’m on it, boss!” but fails to follow through, or the one who initially shows reservations but eventually completes the task at hand?

The same applies to personal relationships. Whom would you choose as a life partner? Someone who eloquently professes love and devotion but consistently falls short in their actions, or someone who may seem hesitant at first but consistently demonstrates their commitment and fulfills their responsibilities?

Of course, ideally, we desire individuals who both agree and follow through on their commitments. Yet, Jesus seeks to convey a crucial point: If you have experienced hesitation or delay in responding to His calling in any aspect of your life, it is not too late. In fact, commencing your response today holds greater significance to Him than those who loudly proclaim their faithfulness while lacking a genuine prayer life and authenticity in their belief.

If you have never undergone baptism but actively participate in Mass, now is the opportune moment to consider it.

If you were baptized in a different Christian denomination but have contemplated joining the Catholic Church for years, now is your time.

If you were baptized in a Catholic Church during childhood but have not received the sacrament of confirmation, now is your time.

And if you have received all the sacraments but find yourself attending Mass without a heartfelt connection to your faith, now is your time to rekindle that spiritual fire.

Feel free to reach out to me, and let’s discuss whether the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) can provide guidance and support tailored to your needs.

This Gospel passage unequivocally reveals that the Father desires you to carry out His will.

This is your moment.

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