One kilo of flour for the needy

He is an Indian who drives a car in the sky when he rubs it and climbs off a cliff with his thumb. Aamir Khan is an actor who can choke with a lion and shoot a bullet in the sky.

Mahi Mahisho

He wanted to give one kilo of flour to the needy and announced it publicly. The country was surprised that he was one of the millionaires, who was going to give away one kilo of flour with endless wealth. They insulted him saying that he was a witch. Come and take it from us. They cursed him, saying, “A kilo of flour.” Because he was dragging a car with his finger and throwing it off a cliff, he accompanied people asking if he was acting.

The day came and poor people flocked to the door to receive the help. He was attached to give one kilo of flour that he had kneaded with his own hands, hugging and kissing those in need with great humility. Accompanying this man’s story. A person who does not feed the whole family with breakfast and lunch, and who never hugs and kisses them while giving an unprecedented amount of sadadah?! The red man followed.

But those who gathered to him were only those who needed this little flour. Famine-stricken poor. The poor people who are in need of daily food and hunger is written on their front pages.

They received the powder and headed home. They made a fire and baked bread and baked it from the pan. The help reached those who were truly in need.
He was accompanied by muttsediqs who wish and strive to make their Sadaqah reach the right people.

“…You know them by their signs. They don’t beg people hastily.” This is what they say to the poor people, to deliver Sadaqah properly.

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