Rather than talking like a parrot without understanding me, I prefer to chirp like a bird!!!

How can you tell me to love your country while showing you a picture of a baby whose skin is sticking to his bones due to dehydration. You’re going to post a picture of a baby’s belly that’s bloated with Kwashacore, huh? Love your country. Are you joking?

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world
Ethiopia is in absolute poverty.

I have never seen a civics book without this word.
He is not the only one, it is not rare for civic and ethical education to compete with many things and to give a poor status in the development of democracy.

He is a proud Ethiopian, and he cuts corn and grinds it with sticks. The rush seems to grab this one. I did not say you are poor.
How can a 10-year-old child be blamed for the bad things of the country? What will he grow up to create?
When you say that Ethiopia is one of the countries that are not suitable for children, how do you call it patrotism? You are saying that many people suffered because Ethiopia despised nations, how come you teach patriotism in unit 8.

How can your child love a country that you despise and insult.
This is the version of this generation.
Let me tell you, I don’t like poor countries.
I don’t like an oppressive country.
I don’t like a sick country.
A hungry country disgusts me.
I am tired of beggar country.
A country without freedom carries me.

A dry country shakes me. What you taught me about my country was the drought, but you showed me why? You said she was hungry, but you told me she was full. You told me she was a rebel, but you taught me that she was a rebel. You told me that she is Mahim, but you told me about her wisdom.

You told me about our ethnic differences but preached about our unity. You told me that she is sick, but you pointed out that this country is the source of the secret of all these cures, but you told me that she was poor, but you told me that she used to bring in the pharaoh.

You told me that she was old, but you told me that she used to decide on the internal affairs of Europe. You said she doesn’t have freedom, but when did you go to Yemen to liberate the people? You said I was weak, but my bravery! Tell me

Just like when the teacher says Ethiopia is one of the poorest country, you have created a useless generation that laughs and laughs at his father’s nakedness. Look, my country is poor! Look, my country is stripped! Look, my country is naked! Look, my country is gone, she is drunk with race! Look, look, look! While laughing, he congratulated you for creating a generation that runs to show the nakedness and privacy of his father, supported by research and study.

Sam, you have Kate, it’s your father’s nakedness, Kush is laughing to show his father’s nakedness, so quickly cover him up and bring him home and don’t leave his side until the drunkenness leaves him. Then you will find your fruit, your initiation, which will shed the curse.

We will defend you while saying to her
We will wait for you while saying to her
Never let the enemy hate the enemy.
Emigration in one’s own country
Finding the door with one’s own wealth
Self-inflicted insults
To be hanged in the shame of one’s master. Oh, where are we, oh, who poured out our kindness?!

If the teacher says, “Huh, Europeans are amazed at the pursuit of wisdom.” Germs and various diseases are a curse to us and they say, ‘Huh?’ But they know that it is a disease and prepare a cure.

‘Oh, what else’.

Ethiopians are blind, they don’t want to research and search, Europeans are good at this. There is no one who will not listen.

I wish you forgot to chew when you are sick, I wish you forgot to drink koso, I wish you forgot to eat pumpkin fruit, I wish I was on pills, Alexa, we are getting to know each other.

Or are you going to say that the health center was not made to destroy pests, but curses. Daru will ask why and how to do what you are doing.

You, the slave of the parrot, came to rescue us, did you disappear and destroy us?
Aite Bhera for wisdom, Aite Mahdera.
Who took it away from your mind?

Remember that while you are saying “Ethiopia, don’t sow Ethiopia” it includes the present useless ashes of fire like me and you, the wise ancestors of the past who were narrowed down before you call them wise, but not narrowed down like you and the future generations that no one cares about.

So, be careful when you talk, don’t be a dumbass who echoes what you are told.
I do not look down on myself
I am a proud Ethiopian
The history lesson will be discussed later.

Health science student at Hadas

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